peanut meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
peanut meaning in tamil is கச்சான்

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Similarly there are more than 1000 varieties of mangoes available in the country151 those of the size of a peanut to that of a muskmelon. Right from William Shakespeares It was a Lover and His Lass to The Peanut Vendor the first great Latin hit in the United States the songs earned the encomiums of the crowd. She neatly arranges her sundal and salted peanut packets and with a smile says come please buy a packet. Nagavalli says she decided to come with her goodies after the crowd increased. Live Jam will also host White Noiz a metal band from Bangalore keyboardist Steefan Devassy and the citys own Peanut butter Jam as a part of the concert. Crisply fried mushroom sauted mushroom Tomkha paneer fried potato red curry tossed chickpeas fritters roasted peanut fritters are some of the vegetarian dishes served at the festival along with several lipsmacking nonvegetarian dishes and appetisers. The partheneum plant along with small flowers acts as a reservoir of tobacco streak virus that causes peanut stem necrosis disease PSND in groundnut and necrosis in sunflower. Field trials were going on for transgenic groundnut resistant to the Indian peanut clump virus IPVC and for Rosette disease in Africa. The Government is considering exempting jaggery and peanut powder. Drug traders would get setoff benefits. His father who has been held in Guantanamo Bay since March 2003 was picked up by American security forces in Gambia where he had gone to set up a peanut processing plant.