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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pea meaning in tamil is வாரிசு, பரம்பரை உரிமையாளன்

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The source of mass poisoning was suspected to be the spurious oil used in the pea flour balls locally known as gaathia. Palekar said to prepare natural fertilizer for one acre a farmer has to mix 10 kg of cow dung 5 to 10 litres of cow urine 2 kg of jaggery 2 kg of flour of green gram black gram or cow pea with a handful of soil and 200 litres of water. The project deals with five crops including sorghum pearl millet chickpea pigeon pea and groundnut. But Sreesanth snuffed Lara out with one that flew off a length like a pea from a ripped pod and went to third slip. Field trials He also announced that ICRISAT has been conducting contained field trials for transgenic groundnut pigeon pea and chickpea for the last four years. For both the pigeon and chick pea variety bacillus thuringiensis genes have been introduced to make them resistant to the podborer helicoverpa armigera. A release said the award was for identifying the use of proteinenriched pea flour as a medium to protect stored commodities from insect attacks. The pests included the banana bract and streak viruses vegetable and pea leaf miner cotton leaf curl and the sunflower mildew. The numbers are almost negligible in the Indian context but Sciences Pos experiment with the PEA is being cited as a successful example of positive discrimination though critics insist it is just a publicity stunt aimed at changing the institutes white and elitist image. Over the five years the programme has been in place the scores of PEA applicants have been comparable to others.