payment meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
payment meaning in tamil is செலுத்துதல், செலுத்தும் பணம், சம்பளம்

payment meaning in tamil with example

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Of the 13200 new applicants awaiting basic telephone connections 9200 had made payment and the others would get the connections before March. Dharnasdemonstrations would be organised in all the Integrated Tribal Development Agency ITDA centres in the State asking the Government to continue payment of Rs. Narayana wanted payment of salaries to those appointed under DSC 2003 according to the regular time scale. Prospectuscumadmission forms can be obtained from the Regional Centres of IGNOU in the respective State capitals or Public Information Unit on payment of Rs.100 or through post by sending an IPOdemand draft for Rs.150. 80C2 the eligibility for relief under the Incometax Act cannot be refused since the payment is by the assessee and the same is only in the name of a member as envisaged by the clauses. The Collector said that arrangements were being made for payment of salary to teachers who appeared for counselling and got transfer orders but could not join duty for want of vacancy at the other end. January 28 and 29 would be for the general public who would be allowed inside the gardens on payment of a nominal entry fee. T.V.R. Potti Poojappura Telephone bills The last date of the payment of telephone bills has been fixed as 29th of every month by the BSNL. With their limited income they virtually struggle to make both ends meet and hence the payment of telephone bills etc. during the last week of the month only adds to their woes. Details pertaining to MCH activities and some common questions by the citizens about town planning rules payment of property tax parks and playgrounds trade licences sanitation drive community development and so on find a place in it.