pawn meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pawn meaning in tamil is அடகு வைத்தல்

pawn meaning in tamil with example

pawn tamil meaning and more example for pawn will be given in tamil.
The draw was agreed soon after the eighth seeded Pavlovic regained a pawn and both players were left with a bishop and five pawns each. The pathetic infrastructure Government apathy bordering on denial and politicians using the industry as a pawn in their turf battles are among the several reasons that have contributed for this sad state of affairs. Anand settled for a 66move draw in the Closed Ruy Lopez when it was clear that Aronians lone pawn could do little in an ending involving a rook from each player. After gaining a pawn on the 33rd move Anand managed to establish an advanced central pawn that made sure Lekos rooks and knight were tied down. Before Roy surprised Ganguly by trading his rook for a minor piece and a pawn to win their Petroff game in 58 moves leader Alexei Fedorov made sure of the title with a round to spare. Asserting that it was neither a parliamentary or Government committee they said the whole exercise was part of the Congress strategy to ultimately swallow the Telangana Rashtra Samiti and use the BJP as a pawn in the process. Playing the white side of a queen pawn game Chowdhury was taken to task in a less played variation of the Noteboom setup and the centre was torn apart by Volkov in quick time in the ensuing middle game. Sayed kept his king in the centre all through the game and launched a king side pawn onslaught to catch Ganguly unawares. For this unusual young man who knows his history but is driven by warped notions of tradition the big blow comes when he realises that ideology is only a pawn in the politics of opportunism.