pause meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pause meaning in tamil is இடை நிறுத்தம்

pause meaning in tamil with example

pause tamil meaning and more example for pause will be given in tamil.
But given the BJPs present preoccupation with personalities and intrigues the ungrateful party did not even pause to salute a man who has brought it so much success and honour. Kumaraswamy to meet the Governor did not even pause to think of the recently tightened disqualification provisions in the Constitution. Everyone wants a pause for breath to see what happens in the Israeli elections on March 28 to see what Hamas does with its parliamentary majority. Driven by sustained foreign institutional investment inflows the stock market once again turned strong after a brief pause even as the Sensex closed 66 points up at a new closing peak of 10110.97 in volatile trading and indicated bullish sentiment for the near term. Of the 60 million people killed in World War II 24 million were children. Shouting slogans the children were telling the world to pause and beware of the wrongs of war. The visual medias reaction to a situation is kneejerk as it has no time to pause and think running 24hour news channels amid competition. A demonstration on how these snacks are made in a jiffy from a tiny machine has the visitor pause for a while. Police fired at inmates trying to push down a gate at Kabuls main jail as about 2000 prisoners resumed rioting on Tuesday after a 24hour pause in violence. How many of us stop by a dishevelled haggard looking person wandering about on the roads and pause to think of cleaning the person to give him a new look. Led by the top heavyweight Reliance Industries Ltd RIL the Bombay Stock Exchange sensitive index Sensex on Thursday once again turned to record setting spree after a brief pause and jumped by 77 points to a new closing peak of 10878.74 in volatile trading driven by sustained liquidity.