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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
patient meaning in tamil is சீக்காளி

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The doctors however told Dr.Reddy that the patient brought from Kukatpally was in a drunken state and was not cooperating during treatment. Now illegible handwriting and the fear of resultant confusion over patient details will be a thing of the past. Details such as patient name age address inpatient or outpatient number the type of disease and the nature of treatment and the duration will be fed into the system by six data entry operators appointed for this purpose. You will appreciate that this hardly measures up to stringent measures. You are also no doubt aware that not a single paisa has ever been given to a single patient who has suffered the adverse consequences of trials the letter said. Implementation of the residency system wherein junior doctors who are doing postgraduate training are taken in as resident doctors on a temporary basis will help deliver roundtheclock patient care in medical colleges the junior doctors said. A committee set up by the Government in 1995 chaired by the then DME M.A. Aleykkutty had recommended that the residency system would improve patient care and administration in medical colleges without any additional financial burden to the Government. Under the residency system instead of one unit chief taking on the full responsibility of treating patients the consultant doctors and resident doctors in the team are made to take on the responsibility of treating a patient till he leaves the hospital. There are third generation anti histamines which do not make the patient drowsy or unable to drive a vehicle Dr.