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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pathologist meaning in tamil is மரணத்தின் காரணத்தை ஆராயும் மருத்துவர்

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A pathologist by profession he is also the former Registrar of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Hallikeri pathologist and blood bank officer attached to Dr. R.B. Patil Cancer Hospital Hubli spoke. A multispecialty hospital or a laboratory where a pathologist or microbiologist is available should be allowed to train laboratory technicians Dr. Dispelling myths that social work means renunciation M.R Seetharam an orthopaedic surgeon and his wife Sridevi Seetharam a pathologist have tried to show that people with children family entanglements can work in the social sphere. The hospital will allow patients to seek consultation with senior pathologist and radiologist and also give attractive discounts on all investigations including xray of chest and ultrasound. The postmortem was led by Swapna Susan a veterinary pathologist from the office of the Chief Disease Investigation Officer. Anjali Arun chief pathologist at Vikram Hospital and Heart Care said that sympathy and concern could be conveyed in several other ways thanks to the rapid developement in communication tools. A doctor had been sent for training to handle the modernised blood bank and steps taken to requisition the services of a pathologist and a radiologist and to purchase stateoftheart equipment required for the hospital he said. The kendras team comprising a rice breeder entomologist pathologist and agronomist was associated with development of the new strain. Jamaicas Deputy Police Commissioner Mark Shields said investigators had called in an American pathologist to help determine what killed Mr.