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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
patent meaning in tamil is உலோகத் தகடு, தொழில் நுட்பம்) வடிவமைப்பு

patent meaning in tamil with example

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Karnatak University has said that the issue of entrusting the investigation into the controversy over the patent issue to the Central Bureau of Investigation will be placed before the syndicate which is scheduled to meet on Monday. The Registrar said the syndicate will take a decision on ordering a CBI inquiry into the patent controversy and if it finds the demand of the association appropriate. Differential trait value He said since there is no patent over Bt cottonseed in India the company was charging trait value differentially in different countries. Seed Bill The Seed Bill being scrutinised by a Parliament committee and the Patent Act if read together would show how serious the legislative initiatives of the UPA Government would affect the countrys economy. A citybased farmer Chinthala Venkat Reddy set a record when his innovative model of improving soil fertility without use of fertiliser was recognised by the Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT of the World Intellectual Property Organisation WITO. It is true that drugs out of patent can be used effectively with substantial social and cost benefits. The patent system may entail considerable shortterm costs for developing countries mainly owing to the administrative costs problems with higher prices for medicines and key technological inputs. Ekbal said that higher standards of patent protection are unlikely to have a positive effect on local innovation except in those few countries that have reached a certain level of technological development.