pasture meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pasture meaning in tamil is புல்வெளி

pasture meaning in tamil with example

pasture tamil meaning and more example for pasture will be given in tamil.
Vast stretches of rainfed land left uncultivated for years for want of water in the vicinity of the villages serve as pasture for the livestock and cattle. From Santarem we export soya primarily sourced in Mato Grosso and from local pasture land around Santarem. Besides they claim that the land allotment was done in violation of rules as the plot formed part of a vast pasture land. The panchayat dictated the next day that the Bheel community had to choose between letting the road run through homes in return of which the panchayat would give them title to the pasture land and vacating the pasture land for construction of new road on the old gravel road. Get ready to be dazzled for it is not the environmentalists or the foresters or even the horticulturalists in the city but the Judges of Madras High Court wanting to ensure a plush green pasture on the premises of the Madurai Bench of the court.