pastry meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pastry meaning in tamil is மாவுப் பலகாரம்

pastry meaning in tamil with example

pastry tamil meaning and more example for pastry will be given in tamil.
Keeping health in mind we have introduced health drinks and herbal teas. The new menu brings forth a perfect blend of the old favourites like Cha Hindustani and the chocolate truffle pastry with the new arrivals such as crunchy almond meringues and black forest pastries. One day a coach promised him a pastry for every goal he scored and that day he fired in eight recollected Claudio Biancucchi his uncle and godfather. Starting with Subham he says We want a stadium effect like in Six Degrees the newest hall in the SC complex. The food stalls will be stocked with fluffy pastries chocolate ganache and cakes freshly prepared under the hawkeyes of the new executive pastry chef Mickael Besse. While it will make goodold Connaught Place its home the ice cream and the pastry shop will move to KBlock.