passerby meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
passerby meaning in tamil is வழிப்போக்கர்

passerby meaning in tamil with example

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Now in the event of an accident not necessarily those involving Reliance subscribers a passerby with a Reliance Mobile can help save a life by making a call from his mobile. The accused person was taken into custody after a passerby heard the cries of the hapless woman and rushed there. Kumar a passerby who had to stop as his twowheeler ran out of petrol at midnight rushed to the spot after hearing the cries of the woman. But apparently the driver got scared on seeing the constable and pressed the accelerator only to run into the cycle in the front a passerby Shantilal said. Narender said five fire tenders rushed to the spot immediately after receiving a call at 12.40 a.m. on Thursday from a passerby Praveen and took up fire fighting work. On Tuesday morning a passerby noticed foul smell emanating from the premises of the dilapidated quarter and alerted the police control room on seeing the dead body.