pass meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pass meaning in tamil is கடந்து செல், வெற்றி அடை

pass meaning in tamil with example

pass tamil meaning and more example for pass will be given in tamil.
He also informed that he is able to pass on all the benefits to the customers as it is a direct factory outlet exhibition cum sale. Chakrabarty Chairman and Managing Director of Indian Bank handing over the pass book to an account holder in Mangalam village in Pondicherry on Friday. Customs inspectors at major Indian airport gateways have become expert in recognising these devices on the Xray scanners and let them pass with a friendly wave 151 as long as you bring in just one piece for personal use. As we can forecast the climatic changes for about 6 Km radius with this weather station we are planning to pass on the predictions to the farmers in some areas of Nanguneri taluk. The devotees permitted to enter through the South Tower were asked to pass through the barricaded corridors leading to the Sanctum Sanctorum of Sri Meenakshi. Predawn rituals The main doors of the temple were thrown open at 12.05 am for the predawn rituals followed by the darshan to the VIPs and the special pass holders. As we can forecast the climatic changes for a 6km radius we are planning to pass on the forecast to farmers in the Nanguneri taluk. A fullboard meeting of the KSEB evaluated the consequences of this proposal on Friday evening in the light of the desire expressed by the Government to pass on to the consumers the benefits of the good monsoon received this year. A lot of heavy vehicles pass during the day raising clouds of dust that residents have to put up with. Anna University ViceChancellor D.Viswanathan on Sunday said that if a student scored pass marks after revaluation the examiner who first corrected the script would be debarred from paper correction for five years.