parity meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
parity meaning in tamil is சம அந்தஸ்து, சமத்துவம், நாணயப்பரிவர்த்தனையில் சமமதிப்பு

parity meaning in tamil with example

parity tamil meaning and more example for parity will be given in tamil.
The PRD Staff Association has urged the Pay Commission to remove the anomalies in PRD employees pay scales link the pay scales with Central rates and give pay parity to them. The memorandum said the Finance Minister should restore parity in the rates of taxes on various commodities in different States. Suresh netted for BEML EM in the 25th minute only to see Venkatesh restore parity three minutes later for the Press. A sticky player and a formidable opponent Aloks response began there and he showed his resilience with breaks of over 50 in the fourth and fifth frames while restoring parity in scores. Gopal Reddy to restore parity in the wages for those working in the government and aided schools and colleges in the state with those in the Union Government run institutions. Pointing out the anomaly in calculating subsidy the memorandum notes that the method of calculating subsidies is based on importbased parity pricing of petroleum products and not on the basis of unrecovered costs of oil companies. Nawabs drew parity in the 30th minute through a field goal by Cyril Ekka only to see the Delhi side regain the lead with captain Raju converting a penalty stroke in the 48th minute. The industrialists and real estate developers here feel that there is no reason why big industries should not come to Vijayawada given the parity of land prices and countless other advantages. Behra said India is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of GDP in the world and in terms of purchase parity it is the fourth largest economy in the world.