parents meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
parents meaning in tamil is பெற்றோர்கள்

parents meaning in tamil with example

parents tamil meaning and more example for parents will be given in tamil.
Parents on cloud nine The parents realised the need for literacy when they fumbled while reading the Collectors greeting printed in Tamil. Vipasana a Montessorigoing child from Hyderabad who is visiting Pondicherry along with her parents Govindarajan and Archana was waiting for Vennila to finish both her palms. With toddlers hanging on to their parents and children dressed in bright blue jeans looking proudly at their new purchase it was a chance to spend a lazy day catching up with forgotten pleasures. Kavitha IRTS selected candidate 10 a.m. Chitrabanu Swayamvara Sangam Parents meet Iyengar community Sri Yoga Marriage Hall Srirangam 8 a.m. Iyer community 12 noon. Demand The demand which came from parents and several groups representing the Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes and Dalits before the current academic year began and peaked a few months ago had been debated at several forums. Aruna the proud moment for the institution was when its students151 Keerthika Priyanka and Sai Rohit151 along with parents were invited by the President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to Rashtrapahi Bhavan last year and spent 2 hours with them for pen friendship. I dont want to save anything from my first salary I want to give them everything. She has a companion in Kavitha whose plans echo a similar goal This year I want to work hard get a good job and want to make my parents happy. Get organised. The brighter children are more sensitive to all types of punishment and children who are beaten by parents at home are less sensitive to physical punishment in school.