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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
parenthood meaning in tamil is பெற்றோர் பருவம்

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Commission member Kulsu said the number of DNAbased parenthood examination cases had come down in the district. DNA test Islamic scholars have also opined that DNA examination to ascertain the parenthood of a child is permissible in some cases. Shriver who herself has no children has been accused by some of distorting the very idea of parenthood and the responsibilities it entails. Drugs low wages poor education high rates of violent crime and single parenthood have resulted in lost youth across all cultures. Inaugurating the threeday 22nd National Conference on Sexual Health organised by the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International CSEPI he said the average global spending on public health was six per cent it needed to be matched in Karnataka if more people were to receive timely help. Speaking on child sexual abuse in the context of sexual health on the concluding day of the 22nd National Conference of Sexology organised by the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International CSEPI Dr. The Aging Adam was the theme for a days deliberations at the recent 22nd national conference on Sexual Health organised here by the Council for Sex Education and Parenthood International. The Rs. 1.3 crore project would be funded by Innovation fund International Planned Parenthood Federation London. The threeyear project funded by International Planned Parenthood Federation in London would be implemented in Tirupparankundram Vadipatti Chellampatti Usilampatti Sedapatti Tirumangalam and T.