paranoid meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
paranoid meaning in tamil is பிறர் மீது நம்பிக்கையில்லாததோடு அவரைக்கண்டு அஞ்சுதல்

paranoid meaning in tamil with example

paranoid tamil meaning and more example for paranoid will be given in tamil.
There is scope to work together but this would mean the Indian security establishment being less paranoid about the involvement of Chinese expertise in domestic particularly offshore energy locations. The hot and humid conditions along with lifeless tracks can make them feel negative and paranoid about things around them. Spam not far away No wonder practically every cellphone owner is getting paranoid about privacy. This leads to the manifestation of a lot of behavioural problems such as aggression sleep disorders incontinence and paranoid delusions which often creates a lot of misunderstandings and confusions within families. But some sections of the Indian establishment are paranoid about the implications the U.N. involvement in a South Asian election process might have for Kashmir. Zaroo who saw himself emerging as the fall guy in the entire escapade and carries the additional burden 151 in these paranoid times 151 of being a Kashmiri Muslim also preferred to submit himself to the media first before bowing to the inevitable. The Board here is attempting to limit the damage caused by South Africas withdrawal from the triseries which could have a bearing on the future series in the island particularly against the non subcontinental sides that are paranoid about security. Dont even think of a Muslim Speaking from personal knowledge I can say that similarly Muslim parents are paranoid about having a nonMuslim son or daughterinlaw. Neither the Ministry of External Affairs nor the economic ministries concerned such as Surface Transport see much merit in the NSCSs approach but the Prime Minister needs to assert his authority and nip these paranoid impulses in the bud.