parameters meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
parameters meaning in tamil is வழியலகு

parameters meaning in tamil with example

parameters tamil meaning and more example for parameters will be given in tamil.
The Mayor assured that all obligations and parameters in this regard will be fulfilled before March next and a new chapter will be opened in civic history. All the weather parameters are automatically logged in the data logger at the farm and transmitted to the weather research centre at ICRISAT Hyderabad. 5lakh station fabricated by Campbell Scientific Inc. United States capable of predicting 23 parameters of weather changes. The lack of standard pricing parameters for the hotel industry particularly the Maximum Retail Price in the case of pubs bars and restaurants have enabled them to blatantly defy the rules. Patwardhan said must know her basic health parameters including height weight haemoglobin and blood group. The FIR also states that the complaint was in pursuance of the report submitted by the technicalexperts committee which went into the construction quality parameters and maintenance aspects besides inquiring the circumstances that led to the damage to the bridge. Universal basic education to enable people to understand vital parameters of democratic and corruptionfree government national discipline to make people to appreciate their responsibilities and abolition of compartmentalisation in education. The Indian Institute of Management which conducted a study of the APSRTC to pinpoint the causes of losses studied in depth various parameters and style of functioning of the depot. Delhi and the government agencies concerned have said the development of venues and the Games village will include considerations related to microenvironment ecology and other parameters such as air water and noise pollution.