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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
overuse meaning in tamil is அளவுக்கு மீறிய பயன்பாடு

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Maps obtained through remote sensing are also useful to identify problems pertaining to the use or overuse of natural resources and to take corrective measures to undo the damage he added. Mr Kumaraswamy said he will consider all the suggestions to effectively curb the misuse or overuse of mobile phones by officials. Classical singers do overuse their voice but modulation of pitch dietary discipline and other precautions help them put up with the extra load on the voice mechanism. Different policies and strategies would be required to tackle the problems of overuse and depletion. The district having a large number of 135 wholesale dealers and 1250 retail dealers for the sale of fertilizers is known for overuse of chemical fertilizers in the State. The overuse of pesticides and nonbiodegradable chemicals leads to their entering the food chain and gradually into the groundwater sources. Technologists have warned against overuse of resources pointing out that imbalances in any part of the world could create problems for the rest of the areas as well. Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia on Tuesday urged the Water Resources Ministry to build a consensus on levying cess on ground water extraction to address the problem of overuse and scarcity of ground water. Anxiety depression sleep disturbance obesity snoring overuse of caffeine or pain medication can also cause headache. The popularity of packaged products and disposable goods promoted this culture. The overuse of nonbiodegradable plastic carrybags supermarkets have been the main culprits a fiveshop supermarket chain in Kochi hands out four lakh carry bags a month added to the woes.