overturn meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
overturn meaning in tamil is தடம்புரண்ட

overturn meaning in tamil with example

overturn tamil meaning and more example for overturn will be given in tamil.
Pakistan pace bowler Shabbir Ahmed said he will continue to fight to overturn his 12month ban from international cricket. The sixsome have all been elected on planks to overturn this economic policy and make it more propoor largely by increasing the role of the state in delivering goods and services. Arroyo claimed that rightwing politicians and the left forces had now formed a tactical alliance to overturn her victory in the 2004 presidential poll. He and other abortion opponents argue that the time is ripe for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe versus Wade the 1973 decision that granted a womans right to abortion. Now the question is whether people power is being used extraconstitutionally to overturn democratic mandates in the present age. Raising the issue during zero hour the leader of the party P.G. Narayanan said the proposed move was meant to overturn a recent decision of the Supreme Court in the matter. Now the Kerala government with the active cooperation of the Congress and the Left parties is all set to overturn the order of the Supreme Court. They also recall when the Presidential reference was made in 1991 on the Cauvery dispute the Supreme Court had declared unconstitutional Karnatakas ordinance that sought to overturn the interim order of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal. We are assisting Irfans family all the way... Outlook and his family are going to be together to try to overturn this horrible verdict Mehta said speaking to NDTV 24X7 news channel here. The new Government plans to overturn several of his most controversial laws such as those that protected his vast distribution and construction empire and media holdings.