overtake meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
overtake meaning in tamil is தடம் மாறுதல், முந்திச்செல்

overtake meaning in tamil with example

overtake tamil meaning and more example for overtake will be given in tamil.
Kannan 27 in an attempt to overtake another vehicle went to the extreme right hitting the lorry coming from the opposite direction. When car driver Sheik Navaz Pasha 28 tried to overtake a lorry another one coming in the opposite direction hit the car. However as examples elsewhere have shown it will be in their interest to shift to a unified system after a thorough consultation process instead of allowing technological progress to overtake their existing revenue earning models. Toopran CI Chandrasekhar Goud said the accident occurred when Nagabhushanam the driver of the Medak depot bus tried to overtake another vehicle and hit a truck belonging to Kerala coming in the opposite direction. Twowheelers and fourwheelers are unable to overtake the buses because of their haphazard movements. They may take a detour overtake vehicles galore and be ready with hot pizzas just before the deadline. Chidambaram when asked about overtaking China said his country with a population of about 1 billion doesnt want to overtake China in population. Big achievement Only three players have won it four times and I have been able to overtake them at this high level tournament. When a motorcyclist tried to overtake the lorry the lorry driver tried to stop the vehicle on the left side but lost control and hit the motorcycle and a pedestrian. Over half felt that India would overtake China in the next 10 years to be the next Asian Superpower and a similar number believed India could make a successful bid to hold the Olympics in the next 10 years.