overseer meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
overseer meaning in tamil is மேற்பார்வையாளர், கண்காணி

overseer meaning in tamil with example

overseer tamil meaning and more example for overseer will be given in tamil.
Recently a civic agency park overseer had cut a part of a fullygrown tree in Anna Nagar after a shopkeeper complained that the tree was covering his signboard. The PWD electrical overseer in charge of the building told reporters that the SECs office had recently added several more computers and air conditioners thus increasing the load on the wiring system. The decision taken by the university authorities to conduct interviews for the posts of Publication Officer Public Relations Officer Assistant Engineer Overseer and Typist between May 8 and 11 has drawn criticism from the Sanskrit University Employees Union. As deputy chief adjudicator his duties will be manifold one being a representative of the growing debating culture in South Asia being overseer of all major events in Seoul selecting the judges for the knockout stages of the tournament and judging the finals. Job notification pertaining to road supervisor overseer road works and physical education teachers have been posted at the District Employment Office. The unit now operates with an Assistant Engineer an overseer and six line watchers and contract workers who are expected to visually inspect the 9km route of the pipelines. Ashok Kumar formerly the town planning and building overseer of L.B. Nagar Municipality has been dismissed after he was convicted and sentenced to oneyear imprisonment in a graft case.