overpower meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
overpower meaning in tamil is அடக்கி ஆட்கொள்

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On a day when a sharp winter shower caused a threehour interruption and threw the programme out of gear Rupesh recovered from being down 15 to overpower the talented Yuki. Too small to overpower anyone he has settled for improvisation a man whose survival demands that he own an alternative menu of shots. In the mens doubles Sanave Thomas and Rupesh Kumar combined well to overpower Daniel Adin Shirley and Craig Coper to help the team take an unassailable 31 lead. But the police managed to overpower the trio identified as Nitin Pratap Singh Ajay and Kamal Chaudhary. Earlier Murgunde had displayed sparkling form to overpower Yonekura ranked 17th in the world 2117 2119 in the prequarterfinals. The police fired in retaliation and managed to overpower two of the accused while the third managed to flee. When he actually saw her Sita was in a state of despair and ready to forsake her life for Ravana had met her with threats to overpower her shortly. Mavelikara MP C.S. Sujata is active in the campaign front and the CPIM is concentrating on women votes to overpower Mr. Swamy in a statement said the attack was part of an overall objective to demean demoralise and overpower Hindu ethos in India. The Cologne Cathedral was on the list for similar reasons as Hampi with new highrise buildings threatening to overpower the Gothic cathedral. After the topboard encounter between overnight joint leaders Shyam Nikhil and Vikramaditya Kamble ended in a draw in just 15 moves Ashwin went on to overpower Eesha in 42 moves.