overlap meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
overlap meaning in tamil is ஒன்றுக்கு மெல் ஒன்று, ஒன்று மற்றதன் மீது படிதல்

overlap meaning in tamil with example

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Not only will it continue but we are also committed to allowing a reasonable overlap period in order to have a smooth transition he added. DPA leaders said that the process was proceeding smoothly because the overlap was not too many so far. Earlier Mr.Karunanidhi in a statement said that seat sharing talks in the Democratic Progressive Alliance were carried out after obtaining lists of constituencies each party wanted to contest and after discussing with all of them to ensure that there was no overlap of constituencies. Its draft report 151 put up on the RBIs website for comments 151 proceeds from the present fairly well known dichotomy between banks and NBFCs in areas of regulation even when there is a substantial overlap in their functions. Strikingly different The results are strikingly different with almost no overlap between mens and womens taste. Revision of time for buses from Coimbatore to Tirupur Madurai Tiruchi Erode or Salem will overlap with the timings of the pairing buses operating from the other end. At times her drawings almost overlap the sphere of painting as she applies the tonal effects of a painting to the art of the pencil. The SCP had then proposed that some schools would begin and end their working day earlier than normal to avoid overlap with the hours of other schools or offices in the area. Some job shares however may involve a more rigid distinction of skills so the overlap in tasks may be less she says. It is submitted that in the process of reorganisation a certain minimum amount of linguistic overlap is to be expected along the border areas. It recalled the constitution of a Four Man Committee to resolve the dispute.