overhaul meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
overhaul meaning in tamil is பழுது பார், முழுமையாகச் சோதனை செய்து

overhaul meaning in tamil with example

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In fact the spellbinding edifice is fast undergoing a major overhaul to improve the stage ambience acoustics lighting curtainraising airconditioning and seating systems. However there had been considerable opposition to removing only four DCC presidents instead of going in for a total overhaul of the DCCs. A consumer protection body has called for an overhaul of the tax structure on petroleum products in the forthcoming budget in order to bring down inflation. The Government evolved a fast track procurement mechanism and deputed a task force for Russia for immediate procurement of spares and expeditious finalisation of contracts for overhaul and purchase of critical spares that would improve the availability of the IAF fleet. A press note from the Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation says that the Vijayawada unit had joined the grid on December 14 2004 after annual overhaul and maintenance works. Needing 39 runs to overhaul UPs 387 the ninthwicket Bengal pair of Shukla and Bose batted sensibly. A Government that is slated to go out of power in three months has no moral right to overhaul the States healthcare system that is based on the principle of public healthcare it said. The workshop which has submitted a detailed project proposal to the Railway Board in this connection is confident of getting funds for upgrading diesel periodic overhaul facility to deal with high horsepower diesel locomotives. The workshop would despatch the first batch of five inservice metre gauge engines to the African nation Mozambique next month after overhaul and converting them as cape gauge locos with necessary modifications.