overdose meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
overdose meaning in tamil is தேவைக்கு அதிகளவிலான மருந்து

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In an industry where often a womencentric subject means a chick with brains in the refrigerator and an overdose of libidinal energy he refuses to succumb to temptation. Alcohol claims life In another incident a man reportedly died due to overdose of alcohol. P. How about entertaining them with an overdose of weepy serials which will put them to sleep and enervate them. But in India it is quite common to use an overdose of antibiotics which compromises the immune system. Even a feeble attempt at suicide by a medicine overdose or consumption of household cleaning solutions should not be taken lightly because anyone who has shown an inclination for selfdestruction will invariably make repeated attempts one of which might turn out to be fatal. Rajendran Head Centre for History Bharathidasan University cautioned that an overdose of theory would turn M. With Bangalore becoming the suicide capital of the country this is also a cause for concern as those committing suicide in urban areas often take an overdose of sedatives and antiepileptics according to psychiatrists. If Bibek Moitra and Rahul Mahajan did not take cocaine or did not die of overdose 151 as the Apollo doctors suggest 151 were they both poisoned as Gopinath Munde has suggested. The widely available recreational drug cocaine is hard to detect in the blood if sniffed or smoked and an overdose is known to increase blood pressure body temperature and cause hallucinations convulsions and possible death say experts. Initial reports suggested that it was a case of liquor and drug overdose at a party where four others were present.