outspoken meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
outspoken meaning in tamil is தைரியமாகச் சொல், வெளிப்படையாகப் பேசுதல்

outspoken meaning in tamil with example

outspoken tamil meaning and more example for outspoken will be given in tamil.
Narayanans many years of service in The HolyIndia may stand in the way of his being a fair ombudsman he could be assisted by a team drawn from among knowledgeable sincere and outspoken readers. Chavez one of Latin Americas most outspoken critics of the Bush administration and U.S. imperialism. Participants at the sixday conference which has drawn more than 60000 people from around the world have heaped praise on the socialistoriented economic policies established by Mr. Britains outspoken police chief Ian Blair has accused the British media of being institutionally racist saying that newspapers paid more attention to white victims of crimes than those belonging to ethnic minorities such as Asians. Ravi has been an outspoken critic of economic liberalisation and globalisation and his failure to make to the Cabinet so often used to be attributed to this. The outspoken Sir Ian known as the thinking mans cop because of his Oxford background and a penchant for quoting literary texts has caused a storm after he accused the media of a racist bias when reporting crime. Thursday saw the outspoken filmmaker and his actress daughter Pooja Bhatt address university students on sexual harassment at the Russian Cultural Centre. Their ranks included Hong Kongs Bishop Joseph Zen an outspoken critic of China Pope John Paul IIs longtime private secretary Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz and the Vaticans new chief doctrinal watchdog Archbishop William Levada. He begins to move among the elite in society where the unsophisticated and outspoken betel leaf chewing Chandramathy creates a lot of embarrassment for him.