outrage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
outrage meaning in tamil is சீற்றமடைதல்

outrage meaning in tamil with example

outrage tamil meaning and more example for outrage will be given in tamil.
And the outrage is not just that of avoidable deprivation it is also that it coexists with those who are indifferent to the plight of the rural poor. Held for bid to outrage womans modesty Tuticorin The police on Thursday have arrested Mohan 40 on the charge of attempting to outrage the modesty of Thayammal 30 at South Sevalpatti near here on January 7. The police said the accused waylaid the complainant and grabbed her hand in a public place with an intention to outrage her modesty. Sarkozy on how he would rid the suburbs of delinquent scum. The sense of outrage in the large suburban ghettos surrounding the capital spilled out into the streets. Cases under Sections 354 Assault or use of criminal force to a woman with intent to outrage her modesty of IPC and Section 4 of Tamil Nadu Prevention of Harassment of Women Act were registered against Dinesh. Sense of outrage What is being proposed is devoid of logic. Even after the Supreme Court declared the proclamation unconstitutional those who maintained that the Court did not consider the dissolution such an outrage as to reverse it completely have some explaining to do. Outrage in Muslim world The outrage in the Muslim world was hypocritical the paper said pointing out that Syrian television had depicted Jewish rabbis as cannibals. Even my sense of agony and outrage at the Great Bengal famine of 1943 to which you refer and which did strongly shake even my nineyearold mind was linked to the class pattern of mortality. A statement said India expressed its outrage in October last itself to the Danish government and suggested that apologies be sought and assurances obtained from the newspaper that it will not publish such cartoons in future.