outnumber meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
outnumber meaning in tamil is எண்ணிக்கையில் மிஞ்சு

outnumber meaning in tamil with example

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Meanwhile new research by two British academics 151 Andrew Oswald of Warwick University and Nattavudh Powdthavee of London University 151 indicates that families where daughters outnumber sons are more likely to be leftwing while those with more sons tend to support the Right. There are many successful models to look at beyond the U.S. In Malaysia private universities were first established in the mid1990s and now outnumber public universities. Independent films outnumber studioproductions by a factor of 10 he added Dreamers can now be doers thanks to unprecedented collaborative tools offered by the Information Technology industry. The cumulative figures compiled by the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission SLMM make it clear that the Tamils violations of the ceasefire agreement far outnumber those by the Government. Sainath Postmortem registers at some centres in Vidharbha show poisoning cases outnumber all other cases put together. Women outnumber male eligible voters in Karur Kulithalai and Aravakurichi while in Krishnarayapuram SC number of male electors is more as per the latest summary rolls revision released on Tuesday. In the Samayanallur reserved constituency which has the maximum of 407304 voters women outnumber men by 70 votes. Women outnumber men voters in the final list of electoral rolls released in Pudukottai and Perambalur districts. By most estimates 2007 will see the worlds urban population outnumber the rural population for the first time while those living in slums will exceed a billion.