outline meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
outline meaning in tamil is சுருக்கமான வருணனை

outline meaning in tamil with example

outline tamil meaning and more example for outline will be given in tamil.
In a bid to ensure effective implementation of the United Progressive Alliance Governments National Common Minimum Programme Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chaired a meeting here on Monday to review the progress in 2005 and outline the priorities for 2006. There was no effort to review development already in progress and outline priorities for new works for the overall progress of the district. Pointing to the sanctity of the CDP Justice Gowda said it is a comprehensive and elaborate document arrived at after the outline development plan is formulated. These reports would cover the various aspects of human development and also outline the measures for further improvement. Patel said India was planning to outline a comprehensive civil aviation policy adding that it would spell out the way forward in the latest context of developments on this front. The objectives of the seminar are to outline a vision for the industrial growth of the Mysore zone and to develop a growth model for Mysore based on the strengths of the city. The ADB loan agreements were therefore routinely accompanied by policy matrices that outline the policy measures or conditionalities that a borrowing government must agree to in order to get a loan Mr. I would like to use this occasion to outline the context and core elements of the Joint Statement before detailing the status of the ongoing negotiations. The society said it wanted to form a layout but the petitioners said the land could not be converted as the Bangalore Development Authority in its Outline Development Plan had specified that the land came under the green belt area.