outlaw meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
outlaw meaning in tamil is நாடு கடத்தப்பட்ட

outlaw meaning in tamil with example

outlaw tamil meaning and more example for outlaw will be given in tamil.
The gang of the dreaded outlaw had recently kidnapped four people from Badaun district Inspector General of Police IG Bareilly Zone Jagmohan Yadav told UNI over telephone. The death of the hundredth British soldier in Iraq and an unexpected defeat in the Commons on a crucial bill to outlaw hatred against religion dealt a double whammy to Prime Minister Tony Blairs political standing on Wednesday. The Government overcame deep divisions within its own ranks to pass the bill which would outlaw smoking in virtually all enclosed or substantially enclosed spaces except the four walls of ones home. In the meantime Ms Jowell then Public Health Minister had played a major role in the decision not to outlaw smoking in pubs and other public places. It struggles to establish that humanity and law and order are safe in the hands of a sane hardened and humane outlaw than with the corrupt individuals in the political and police mechanism. The reaction of the business class was similar to what happened here during the days when the filmstar was abducted by outlaw Veerappan in 2000. Merkel wants to expand an equalrights bill to outlaw discrimination by gender age and religion rather than only by ethnic origin. The other aspects of their agenda are to prevent fresh recruitment of child labourers outlaw the sale of alcohol put all children in school provide them tuition books and notebooks create employment opportunities for adults and use their savings to benefit women and children. In April when the United States put the JuD on its Specially Designated Global Terrorist List Pakistan said Washington had taken the action under domestic law and that this did not oblige Islamabad to outlaw the group.