outflow meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
outflow meaning in tamil is கழிவுநீர் வெளியேறும் துவாரம் வடிகுழாய் வடிமடை வடிகால் சாக்கடைத் துவாரம்

outflow meaning in tamil with example

outflow tamil meaning and more example for outflow will be given in tamil.
The water level in the Vaigai Dam stood at 67.78 feet with an inflow of 525 cusecs and an outflow of 661 cusecs. We have also asked all the districts in between Farrukhabad and Allahabad to utilise the treatment plants and divert outflow from all the nullahs which had been releasing waste in the Ganga he said. The inflow was 1331 cusecs and the outflow 1000 cusecs Manhunt for three EROD. The larger estimated outflow under investment income this year compared to last year partly owing to the payout of accumulated interest on India Millennium Deposits IMD in December 2005 would be more than offset by increases in software exports and remittances. Peoples participation Rapid urbanisation and tampering with inflow and outflow of water channels by inappropriate shoreline development and industrial effluents were major aspects affecting the environment in the city. The level in the Vaigai Dam stood at 57.14 feet with an inflow of 1006 cusecs and an outflow of 41 cusecs. Mettur level The water level at the Mettur dam stood at 113.17 feet on Saturday The inflow was 1045 cusecs and the outflow 2000 cusecs. Model village Under the PRA transact walk matrix social mapping seasonality mapping need assessment resources inflow and outflow were made to study the present condition and further needs of the village and the panchayat. The indefinite strike by 21000strong staff of the State Bank of India SBI in the State entered its fifth day on Friday affecting cash outflow to customers and clearing of bills for Government and its various agencies from its 830 branches and 358 ATMs.