outdated meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
outdated meaning in tamil is காலம் கடந்த

outdated meaning in tamil with example

outdated tamil meaning and more example for outdated will be given in tamil.
Failing to ensure action then the TDP leader was raising an outdated issue with a view to gaining political mileage he alleged. It is an outdated perception that the two might be seeking the containment of each other according to Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran. A lack of market orientation had resulted in colleges being saddled with outdated curriculum and rote learning. It became a taboo and as the taboo starts to appear outdated or untenable the danger is that unreflective denial will be replaced by equally uncritical acceptance. He also stressed the need to phase out the current outdated building bylaws and work out a new regime keeping in mind requirements of the city. Authorities have agreed to replace all outdated personal computers at the homes of judges and upgrade the facilities at the Academy which would get computers and airconditioners soon. TILL THE 1980s India had to live with outdated technology and second hand machinery dumped by the developed countries. Ashok Chandra said the development in the field is so fast that todays invention becomes outdated tomorrow. Several of the topics dealt with in the syllabus such as the portion on seine and trawl nets have been outdated owing to various intervening developments but nobody seems to have bothered to take a second look at the syllabus after it was formulated over twoandahalf decades ago. The outdated system has frustrated attempts to detect financial irregularities and made a mockery of the audit system. Cubicles were being set up for officials and staff cupboards were giving way to outdated almirahs in which files were stored.