outcome meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
outcome meaning in tamil is விளைவு

outcome meaning in tamil with example

outcome tamil meaning and more example for outcome will be given in tamil.
The outcome of zilla and taluk panchayat elections has come as an eye opener for major parties especially the Congress the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP and the Janata Dal Secular. Patil said that a decision in this regard was taken at the State Executive Committee meeting of the party on Thursday after reviewing the outcome of panchayat elections. The universe of name and form is an outcome of the Prakriti primordial nature energised by Her nearness to the Purusha he said. Karidurganavar and T.M. Amminabhavi regarding bypassing the university while getting the outcome of the research patented the syndicate will take a decision soon he said. What we are saying here is not that nothing is being done but drawing attention to the fact that though things are happening the pace magnitude and the final outcome in no way matches with the need of the hour. Bangarappa said that the outcome of the panchayat elections showed that the people have not given clear mandate either in favour of the Congress or the Janata Dal Secular. Though the DPA was formidable the cadres should not remain complacent they should learn from the outcome of the byelections to the Kancheepuram and Gummidipoondi Assembly constituencies he said. Like a bubble in the river being swept in the direction of the current as it does not resist it there will not be disappointments in life when man learns to surrender to God and accept the outcome as His grace. The failure in Hong Kong to achieve anything like a positive outcome for developing countries was a big blow given that the huge costs of unfair trade dwarf the pocket money deals on debt and aid.