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Technical problems Nearly 700 MW of States capacity is on outage due to various technical problems and the grid is left with only 7700 MW. While there was a forced outage of 77 MW due to closure of a 47 MW unit at Gas Turbine due to high vibration in boiler and of 22 MW at Auraiya due to an electrical fault the planned outages were simply too high at 476 MW. Leakage With a stator earth fault affecting the 30 MW Gas Turbine and boiler tube leakage resulting is a loss of 42 MW from the Indraprastha power plant the outage were too high. The problem started at about 2 p.m. as there was a forced outage at Rihand Power House that saw the production there drop from 2000 MW to 1000 MW. What made matters worse was the fact that the total outage or shortage in production of power received by Delhi was 1284 MW and the citys own generation was only around 700 MW. Demand for power in Delhi has been varying from 3500 MW to 3700 MW for last couple of weeks but availability has reduced drastically due to outage of various units in the Northern Region it said. Besides the shortage due to gas terminal outage at Hazira was 450 MW as the 330MW Pragati Power Plant and the 120MW Gas Turbine have stopped functioning due to nonavailability of gas. Due to outage of various power plants in the Northern region particularly Nathpa Jhakri and BTPS Delhi Transco said additional power arrangements were tied up on a bilateral basis with the various States but the power actually received from them was much less than what had been contracted.