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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Under the project one main channel would be originated at Rajahmundry and takes its course through Samalkot and reaches the sea at Avulamanda covering a distance of 72 km. Devayani gave birth to Yadu from whom originated the Yadava race in which Lord Krishna was born and also Turvasu while Sarmishta bore Druhyu Anu and Puru. In bring a Constitutional Amendment Parliament will merely reiterate what was accepted as historical reality in 1981 itself the University originated as Mohammaden Andlo Oriental College and was established by Muslims primarily for Muslims the delegation said. In his valedictory address M.Veera Shanmugha Moni Collector said Sanskrit had originated before the Vedas. Chavittunatakam a form of drama that originated early in the 16th Century in the coastal areas of Kerala has displayed a quality to endure for centuries even without official patronage. In case the call originated from a STD booth the police can generate computer portraits of the caller with the help of booth attendants. The origin of such threats mostly originated from cyber cafes can be easily traced through IP addresses and Internet Service Providers. Reckoned to have originated in Europe during the Renaissance glass painting has spread all over the world mainly through the Catholic Church. All dance forms originated from temples and it was in temples that they were conceived and nourished. Venkataraman retired professor of Art History said kolam originated from people who lived on the seashore neithal who invariably found a design in the arrangements of stars which remained a guiding factor when they ventured into sea.