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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
organization meaning in tamil is அமைப்பு

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10 Get organized On just about every New Year resolution top ten list organization can be a very reasonable goal. Vivekananda Regional Manager the organization had run 108 special buses apart from regular services on January 16 the last day of Sankranti. The annual report would be presented by the State general secretary at 2 p.m. It would be followed by an organization discussion. Deeply hurt Echoing similar sentiments is president of the organization V. The AIDWA leaders explained the significance of the Jaipur meeting in the context of the proposed yearlong celebrations on the completion of the 25 years of the organization starting from March 12. The Parisbased World Organization for Animal Health said on Wednesday that Nigeria reported the outbreak of the H5N1 strain on the farm in Jaji a village in the northern state of Kaduna. The World Trade Organization on Monday condemned tax breaks for some U.S. companies operating overseas saying Washington has about three months to bring its legislation into line. Emeka Umeh who heads leading human rights group Civil Liberties Organization in Anambra state said at least 80 persons were killed in the city. The Vienna talks will also be attended by experts from the World Health Organization the U.N. Food and Agriculture agency and the Parisbased World Organization for Animal Health. There are two big ticket items the minister did not address for the pharma industry namely RD and excise reduction according to Ranjit Shahani Vice Chairman and Managing Director Novartis and President Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India OPPI.