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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
organism meaning in tamil is அங்கஜீவி, உயிருள்ள பொருள்

organism meaning in tamil with example

organism tamil meaning and more example for organism will be given in tamil.
Bacillus cereus is an aerobic organism and contamination by this organism occurs when food is prepared and kept without proper refrigeration for several hours before it is served. The same organism was also found in moderate proportions in the cooked rice sample collected from Manacaud GHS. Adult stem cells in a living organism perform the role of maintaining and repairing the tissue in which they are found he said addressing a gathering of doctors at the programme in Mysore on Saturday evening. Inactivating gene Under this method researchers create a genetically engineered organism by inactivating knocking out a particular gene to see the effects of its absence and understand its functions better. Two dermatologists of Jaipur have claimed a breakthrough in the cure of psoriasis a skin disease causing red scaly patches that was previously thought to be a lifelong ailment by identifying a bacterium in the throat as a causative organism of the illness. The presence of harmful organism indicated the failure of filtration system which needed immediate repairs. Local breeds may be immune to the disease but they are still capable of harbouring the organism as carriers and transmitting it to humans. The organism can get lodged in ones lymphatic system multiply and circulate in the blood stream for several years before any symptoms of the disease surface. Experiments in leading laboratories in the world had proved that human genes could be transferred into eggs and the resultant organism could be used to treat cancer.