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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
organ meaning in tamil is உறுப்பு

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The concept of cure has also changed and the accent is now on organ conservation and longterm survival through a treatment management plan that is based on the biology of the disease. The recent incident in the city where a man found one of his kidneys missing has turned the spotlight once again on a possible organ sale racket in the city. Many in the medical field feel abysmally low levels of public awareness on organ transplantation could probably be feeding organ swindlers. Amend Act An aggressive campaign by Governments imparting organ donation a mission status and priority on a par with antiAIDS and polio missions can make a big difference. Inclusion of chapters on organ donation in the 102 curriculum and for social welfare PG students can help in building awareness he says. Minor changes in the Andhra Pradeshs Organ Transplantation Act can help hundreds of desperate patients. MOHAN Foundation has suggested to the President and the Centre the setting up of a national council for cadaver organ donation and transplantation. Volunteers of Mohan Foundation also got in touch with the victims family and helped facilitate the cadaver organ donation. Mellow music flowed from the pipe organ amidst freshly painted and spruced up interiors with red roses adorning the wall brackets and altar. Researchers are developing genetically engineered animals with enhanced characteristics for food production and also creating transgenic animals to serve as chemical factories to produce drugs and medicines and as organ donors for human transplants.