orderly meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
orderly meaning in tamil is ஒழுங்கான

orderly meaning in tamil with example

orderly tamil meaning and more example for orderly will be given in tamil.
However municipalities corporations and urban development authorities continue to permit construction of nonresidential buildings on residential sites destroying the very concept of orderly development. The importance of Geography multiplied with mathematical application leading to precise and orderly description of the earths surface with suitable classifications observed M. P. The association said it had been formed with the aim of promoting orderly growth of Sadashivanagar Rajamahal Vilas Extension Upper Palace Orchards and the areas to the south of T. Chidambaram said that the movements in the market were orderly and that the government and SEBI were keeping a careful watch. Cooperating institutions may require law enforcement to issue subpoenas to make information available rather than do it privately to ensure an orderly set of processes. There is a need to identify and address them so that larger issues of the society were dealt with paving the way for an orderly development. Some American towns and cities have set up official day labour sites making the process more orderly and safe. The Department of Public Instruction has made arrangements to ensure smooth and orderly conduct of SSLC examinations commencing across the State on Thursday. A rrangements made by the authorities of the Department of Public Instruction ensured a smooth and orderly start to the SSLC examination in Dakshina Kannada district on Thursday. Five thousand little boys and girls in blue and white uniform impressed the Prime Minister with what he later called one of the most interesting disciplined and orderly mass drills and dances. The boys and girls gave a display of drill dumbbells sword dance and folk dance.