oratory meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
oratory meaning in tamil is பிரசங்கக்கலை, பேசும் திறமை

oratory meaning in tamil with example

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Reminiscing his school days where he picked up oratory skills he credited the inspiring presence of the couple at a public function for bringing out the best in him. Most of the jobs on offer pertained to call centres where the oratory skills and accent of the candidates in English language was tested. The debates were inspiring devoid of personal attacks but full of oratory bearing information and sparing none. However the sanyasin has more by way of charisma and her oratory has that quality of drawing in listeners. The crowds which used to throng the venue to hear the thundering oratory of their leaders have to remain content with written speeches read out. His organisational skill rare oratory in chaste Marathi and fluency in English and Hindi helped him attract the rural masses as well as the urban elite to the BJP. Later the Minister distributed certificates and mementoes to winners of oratory and essay competitions for school students. Competitions under performing arts will be in Bharathanatyam vocal folk dance folk songs instrumental music monoacting oratory and mimicry. He had the courage to suffer for his convictions at the hands of the British Government and his defence argument in one of his trials stands out as masterpiece of forensic oratory combined with fervent patriotism. Classical music contest For the 152nd Sree Narayana Gurudev Jayanthi celebrations Sree Narayana Mandiram is conducting a competition on classical and semiclassical music and essays and oratory for school students from August 1820.