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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
orange meaning in tamil is ஆரஞ்சுப் பழம், ஒரு நிறம்

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The murder of Georgy Gongadze who was decapitated and buried in a shallow grave was one of the flashpoints that provoked the Orange Revolution that brought President Viktor Yushchenko to power last winter. Reddy said next year medicinal and aromatic plants would be promoted in a big way while the current year would be devoted to development of mango sweet orange and sapota. Ramapuram Holiday Resorts Limited RHRL which runs Orange County resort in Coorg has planned another resort in Kabini Karnataka with an investment of about Rs. With an orange bow tied to it the car was donated by Diljeet Titus proprietor of the law firm Titus and Company. He said experiments were on for the utility of banana peel orange peel and neem leaves in the department. While the districtlevel officials have been authorised to issue clearance to orange and green units only the TNPCB headquarters can issue clearance for red units. While orange and green units should obtain consent within February 28 red units should apply immediately. The presence of the priests pilgrims and devotees clad in orange and white and the flower petals sourced from eight countries across the globe including Britain China Switzerland and Australia presented a glorious sight. The little orange thingumajig that is now so familiar to many Firefox users now makes its appearance on the IE 7 command bar. While he was unable to come to Delhi because he was unwell his invention a bright orange bike was one of the highlights at a Discovery Channel press conference this past Wednesday.