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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
or meaning in tamil is அல்லது

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Monkey doll making from the unhusked coconut and handicrafts items from the coconut shell or the wood are two major activities in the cluster. The main debate emerged around Information Technology taking over governance or governance supporting IT initiatives. Sandeep Michael proved the weak link in the Airlines frontline missing a few chances and failing to carry on an attack initiated either by Dhanraj Vikram or Halappa. The State Government has abolished monopoly paddy procurement and is procuring paddy from one or two taluks in a district. Whatever the number of seats the Janata Dal S has reaped a bonanza as it had no representative in the zilla or taluk panchayats. With several international tourism destinations coming under a cloud owing to terrorist strikes or natural calamities such as the tsunami 2005 turned out to be exceptionally good for the State with 43 chartered flights arriving a week as against 28 in the previous year. Bringing a tear or two to the eyes of at least some who read it making them yearn for the days gone by. It can be even through dedicated devices installed at secure government premises banks railway stations or post offices and can be interoperable with the existing system of polling booths he said. Legal opinion is that it does not require any fresh legislation or amendment to existing laws and can be implemented under existing provisions of the Constitution he said. Even a partisan presiding officer in a polling booth cannot encourage or allow proxy voting as in the case of electronic voting machines that can be forcibly misused.