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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
option meaning in tamil is வேண்டியதை தெரிந் தெடுக்கும் உரிமை

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This may involve storing fingerprints of all remote voters who wish to use this option and this can be indicated on the electoral rolls. If a remote voting option is offered such persons can also exercise their democratic rights he said. The new Discover comes with kickstart option and has the longest wheelbase of 1305 mm for superb stability and riding comfort. With the organizers failing to get the lights on and Railways reluctant to enter the court that mandatory time lapsed and the technical director had no option but to order a rematch. Because of the flexible nature of ULIPs customers had the option to maintain a lower level of sum assured subject to minimums. However whenever they felt the need for higher protection the policy gave them the option to increase the sum assured. The fact that the cheaper option was retained indicates that the intention was to do a cheap cosmetic job leaving the major decontamination to Indian companies who would do it for a fraction of the cost. One option could be to set up an Urban Transport Authority to handle the public transport systems in a city. Mittal said that an option was given to all owners to agree to either 100 feet or 110 feet and there could be no going back on this. A patient must importantly have been unsuccessfully put though the conventional interventions before the surgical option is considered said M. A second option would be to turn the volume up 151 make the news more exciting striking pumped up. With just the final days play remaining Railways could go for quick runs in the first session on Friday and try and win outright 151 an option that could well backfire if not timed properly.