optimum meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
optimum meaning in tamil is உகமம்

optimum meaning in tamil with example

optimum tamil meaning and more example for optimum will be given in tamil.
We are very sincere and committed to ensure more production through the optimum utilisation of water he claimed. Wireless instruments send data pertaining to knee movement to a computer guiding the surgeon with the optimum angles lines and measurements needed to align the prosthetic knee with the patient. By comparing this data with the number of vehicles available routes are planned making optimum use of time and distance covered. Miller on Thursday urged the people to make optimum use of various schemes being implemented by the Government for their welfare. The Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities Manoj Kumar on Friday said though the State Government is ahead in implementing programmes for the benefit of disabled persons a lot more needs to be done for the optimum implementation of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995. Stressing the need for achieving higher productivity making optimum use of the available water resources he said ryots should make best use of the research to increase the production. They should respond to the aspirations of people and ensure optimum utilisation of the annual grant of Rs. Port Trust sources said on Tuesday that the aim of the new development initiative was to make optimum use of the BTP berth for handling cargo. According to these reports the Commerce Ministry has recommended to the Cabinet conditional ratification of the treaty to ensure that India does not get optimum benefit. Tips like use of 2T oil keeping optimum air pressure in tyres applying of clutch and maintaining advisable speed seem to be simple and able to enhance the life of the vehicle.