opportunist meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
opportunist meaning in tamil is சந்தர்ப்பவாதி

opportunist meaning in tamil with example

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With the Left repulsing his advances and the Congress high command in no mood to do yet another opportunist reconciliation deal he has no choice but to make a virtue of necessity and sail with a third front this time. Iranian foreign policy 151 fragmentary and opportunist 151 has always been determined by the needs and interests of the clerical state rather than any principled antiimperialist strategy. The impulsive sabrerattling indulged in by a section of the media and opportunist political spectrum can only play into the hands of those behind the gruesome acts. Not overawed by the occasion he showed how opportunist strikers can transform the destiny of a team. Parminder Singh the opportunist that he is plucked the ball and produced a spectacular drive from the fringe of the circle that met with no resistance. An opportunist Anthony Pereira a recruit from the Vasco Club followed the ball and as it dipped he managed to connect it slipping it past the advancing goalkeeper.