opium meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
opium meaning in tamil is அபின்

opium meaning in tamil with example

opium tamil meaning and more example for opium will be given in tamil.
Religion according to Karl Marx may have been the opium of the masses but Bollywood actor Mangal Dhillon disagrees and plans to screen some religious films he has made to fight drug menace among the youth of Punjab. V rated 00 to 30 Naval Academy Tecorno River Of Dreams 60.5 Kharadi 1 Opium 57.5 cd 54 Prashant 2 Take On 57 M.Narredu 3 and Running Machine 50 cd 47 R. However it is suspected that opium grown under Government licence in central India is being illegally diverted into the drug market. The CBN takes immediate possession of the harvest to prevent any illegal diversion of opium for making heroin. Meanwhile Tony Blair agreed that Britain would take the lead in eradicating the opium harvest in Afghanistan the origin of 90 per cent of British heroin. The decreased availability of heroin owing to a drastic reduction of illegal opium production in Afghanistan is a crucial factor that has resulted in the increased availability of buprenorphine in the illegal market according to the NCB. Every year the drug lords effortlessly export 4000 tonnes of opium across Afghanistans borders plugging into the Turkish Iranian Pakistani and Russian gangs that refine the drug into heroin for sale in Europe. India has become a transit route for drug traffickers who smuggle heroin from the opium producing areas of Afghanistan and Myanmar to other parts of the world. Common substances used by adolescents include nicotine alcohol cannabis related substances grass weed opium related substances smack brown sugar party drugs ecstasy magic mushrooms inhalants diluter of ink prescription drugs sedative pain killers cough syrup and cocaine.