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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
opinion meaning in tamil is கருத்து, அபிப்பிராயம், எண்ணம்

opinion meaning in tamil with example

opinion tamil meaning and more example for opinion will be given in tamil.
He was in most peoples opinion crazy enough to say no to the profession which most of our school toppers still dream of joining. Maheshwarswamy committee convenor told presspersons that the railways had planned to delink the Hampi Express from 65936594 and run it as an express train between Hubli and Bangalore on the new route and wanted the opinion of the people. Legal opinion is that it does not require any fresh legislation or amendment to existing laws and can be implemented under existing provisions of the Constitution he said. The Indian Institute of Public Opinion has conferred its Man of the Year2005 award on veteran administratormusicologistastroscientist N. P. Another significant opinion does not question the wisdom of broadbasing the board with independent directors but will prefer a smaller quota for them. The Government which had earlier favoured the continuance of the existing system of introducing English from the fifth standard has sought the opinion of eminent Kannada writers and litterateurs. In April 1945 Home Secretary Herbert Morrison expressed the opinion that a mock trial for Nazi leaders would be objectionable Better to declare that we shall put them to death he said. An opinion is fast gaining ground that the time is now ripe to split the civic body into smaller units and decentralise the delivery system to ensure efficiency and public service. Even the MLAs are of the opinion that it is high time the MCD was split into smaller parts and it should be done at the earliest.