operate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
operate meaning in tamil is இயக்கு

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The project cost is about Rs.7 crores and it will operate in 12 States including Andhra Pradesh for a period of three years. Murugayyan convener of the joint action committee told newsmen here on Monday that 3.5 lakh employees would strike to ensure that the BSNL was granted full autonomy to operate and implement decisions without delay. Instead of the traditional Bunraku in which three puppeteers operate a single puppet Otome Bunraku is performed by a single puppeteer. First city Bangalore will be the first city in India where INOX will operate four multiplexes with 23 screens and a cumulative seating capacity of 5780plus seats. The inordinate delay in appointing a driver to operate the mobile science laboratory van of the Salem districts Department of Elementary Education since the beginning of this academic year has deprived the students of both primary and middle schools the chance of attending practical classes. Indian Jet Airways and Air Deccan did not operate their flights to Chandigarh owing to bad weather conditions here. He said that that the Union Aviation Minister had then stipulated two conditions for an airline company to operate international flights. In the mobile telephone sector too BSNL was left behind because of the Governments policies it was allowed to operate nationwide only in 2002 but still covered 1200 cities while the private mobile companies served only 136 cities. The UAVs small but potent sensor captures clear images of men and objects. The ability to operate these flying machines from remote locations without a pilot goes a long way in enhancing the surveillance capability of the Navy.