openly meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
openly meaning in tamil is வெளிப்படையாக

openly meaning in tamil with example

openly tamil meaning and more example for openly will be given in tamil.
Dhawan was upbeat as they openly said that this being the election year the results clearly indicated that the graph of the CVM was much higher than that of the BJP. U.P. Police earned some bashing when former IG Rules and Manuals D.K. Panda openly danced in public claiming himself as Doosri Radha wearing dupatta nose ring and bangles. During the fight between Panda and his wife Geeta Singh openly supported Veena while the State police helped Panda in avoiding his suspension. She openly gave bytes to the byte savvy electronic media and discussed issues ranging from Commonwealth Games Statehood to illegal constructions and making Delhi a clean city. Though the ship is yet to reach India people in large numbers have openly started criticising the move demanding that the Centre should not allow this to happen. The AIADMKs track record in office was marred by an absence of transparency on key issues and openly populist measures with implications on the States finances as well as misuse of powers such as the Goondas Act he said. He said the former Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiahs AllIndia Progressive Janata Dal had openly supported the Congress in the elections and ruled out alliance with any party. The opposition candidate Sebastian Pinera of the CentreRight National Party openly came out against the General but voters feared that given a chance he might open the door to the hardline Right. Edward and Mexin had openly mentioned in their Global Media book about the conspiracy of World Bank IMF and WTO to spread English through MNCs and other medium.