opaque meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
opaque meaning in tamil is அஃகுறா

opaque meaning in tamil with example

opaque tamil meaning and more example for opaque will be given in tamil.
Somewhere and in an opaque manner all their customers including those who have not benefited by the new technology are bearing the cost. During the raid officials seized 600 ISImarked waterfilled pouches a plastic film with ISI marks to make 80000 pouches 113 empty 20litre PET containers and 165 opaque containers which were recently banned in favour of transparent ones. Lakshmi who has been postponing a cataract surgery she fears surgeries is now struggling with an opaque cornea after some plant juice accidentally got into her eye. But the totality of the warnings ought to have made clear the need for an enhanced defensive posture even to the most opaque minds. Already in the U.S. the extent of domestic support to agriculture has been opaque and largely kept out of the current discussions. It is known that despite all the compulsions for disclosures some companies conduct their business in an opaque manner. Nontransparent exercise But complicated cross subsidies and benchmarks have made petroleum product pricing in India an extremely opaque exercise. Nervous exhaustion may have overtaken him amid the dark and still opaque events in 1998 but had he not banished the doubts in 2002 rising to the occasion and delivering Brazils fifth World Cup. The process of selecting a SecretaryGeneral is a rather opaque one with the permanent five members of the Council doing the job. Finally physical surveillance against Singh was minimal allowing him to escape through Nepal to the U.S. None of these decisions has ever been explained fuelling suspicions that the real reason for RAWs opaque handling of the case were political.